Social Contribution

In consideration of the environment, we cooperate with community and society.

Social contribution is the underlying theme of our management concept. We accomplish social responsibility by support for environment-conscious measures, as well as regional and cultural activities, contributing to society through our business activities.

Cooperation with the local community and support for cultural activities


UNEP Global Environment
Information Display

New Year's Fire Review


    Serving as the finishing point of the "TOKYO MARATHON" since 2007, Tokyo Big Sight has welcomed many runners every year. In 2010, a new event, the TOKYO MARATHON FAMILY RUN (from Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park to Tokyo Big Sight), began to be held, and participating parent-child teams have been greeted with cheers and applause at the finishing point. The TOKYO MARATHON EXPO is also held at Tokyo Big Sight. We offer our full cooperation for the success of the race.

  • Tree Planting Campaign Drawing and Slogan Exhibition

    The Tokyo Afforestation Promotion Committee hosts the "Tree Planting Campaign Drawing and Slogan Exhibition" at Tokyo Big Sight every year. This exhibition displays drawings and slogans submitted by students and citizens of Tokyo. It attracts large numbers of visitors who come to view the colorful drawings that cover nearly the entire wall.

  • UNEP Global Environment Information Display

    As part of its effort to contribute to society, Tokyo Big Sight has been supporting the "Global Environment Information Display" hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Photographs and information panels that highlight global environmental issues have been on permanent display at Tokyo Big Sight since 2007. UNEP is an organization that gathers the latest environmental information from around the world, delves deep into a variety of pressing issues, and works to develop plans of action that span the globe.

  • We cooperate in holding the traditional New Year’s Fire Review of the Tokyo Fire Department. The Ariake area fills with people watching performances by the Edo Firemanship Preservation Association, such as fire extinguishing demonstrations, rescue demonstrations, emergency demonstrations, traditional Kiyari (ritual work songs) processions, and ladder stunts.

Proactive approach to environmental measures

Light-Up Illumination

Greening of walls

Solar panels

  • In order to mitigate the heat island effect, which is feared as an environmental problem in urban areas, as well as to create an environment full of greenery, we are working on the greening of rooftops and wall surfaces.

  • As part of our energy-saving efforts to help achieve our carbon emissions reduction target, we have installed solar panels for our heated water supply, rainwater recycling, and raw-garbage recycling systems, and introduced LED lights.

  • We are working towards increasing our environmental measures, including such things as introduction of high-efficiency lighting equipment and escalators capable of detecting people and application of a coating to Tokyo Big Sight's glass roof in order to reflect solar heat, as a part of a large-scale renovation, which started at the end of fiscal 2009 and will be completed within ten years.

  • Tokyo Big Sight Inc. established the Environmental strategy meeting for the purpose of promoting the approach that considers the environment more effectively. We have Promotion System of Energy Management.

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