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Event information (for visitors and event participators)

  • Event information for the upcoming 6 months (updated regularly)    
    Event Schedule

*For inquiries regarding a specific event(including exhibits), please contact the event organizer directly.

*For contact details for event organizer, please refer to
Event schedule

Opinions and Inquiries

*Please be aware that our response may take some time. (Responses to inquiries received on Saturday, Sunday, a national holiday, or during the New Year's vacation season will be sent after resumption of normal business hours)

*For urgent matters, please call us. TEL: +81-3-5530-1111 (9:00am-6:00pm)

*Any inquiries concerning individual events may be sent to the event organizers.

*We may be unable to answer on an individual basis if the content is insufficient or certain opinions are expressed.

*We are unable to provide answers in regards to the following content.
1. Requests relating to sales, defamation, questionnaires, surveys, donations and so forth.
2. Inquiries not directly relevant to Tokyo Big Sight Inc.
3. Events to be held at venues other than Tokyo Big Sight.

After reviewing the abovementioned items, please contact us via the
Opinion & Inquiries Form.

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