Valuables boxes (safety boxes) are not available.Please keep valuables with you at all times. For other items, please use the coin lockers provided as needed.

Wheel chairs

Wheelchairs are available through the Information Counter (located at the Entrance Hall on the 2nd floor of the Conference Tower).However, please be aware that the number of available wheelchairs is limited.


Pets may accompany you if kept in a carrying cage for pets, etc. (a case which does not allow direct exposure). However, pets are not allowed inside the restaurant area. Also, please contact event organizers regarding whether pets can enter event gathering areas.

Currency exchange/Post offices/Mail post boxes

Currency Exchange Service is currently unavailable.

There is no post office (counter) inside of Tokyo Big Sight. There is one in the nearby TFT Building. We do have an ATM on the second floor of the Entrance Hall.

It is located in the Center Terminal (near the bus terminal in the first floor of the Conference Tower).


Contact the organizer of the exhibition you wish to participate in directly. For organizer contact nformation, check Event schedule.


We handle deliveries at the following areas.

  • Visitor & Business center (2F of the Entrance Hall)

Yes. Request the recipient address to be made out as follows.

  1. (1)
    Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake 3-11-1, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0063
  2. (2)
    Recipient individual name and mobile telephone number, recipient company name, booth number, exhibition name, hall name
  3. (3)
    Date for which the item is to be used (month and date to be received by, etc.)
    * Please receive delivered items from the delivery service directly inside the hall.
    * Please be aware that some event organizers may have a designated method for receiving delivered items.

Medical treatment

We do not have a doctor or a nurse on staff. We do have a first aid room, but we do not stock medical supplies. The first aid room is designed to allow persons feeling ill to rest temporarily. In cases where an individual does not recover after resting for a certain period of time, we recommend a check up at a medical facility.

We have a total of 13 AEDs: 10 in the common use areas inside the facilities (2 in the Conference Tower, 3 in the East Halls, 1 in the New East Halls, 2 in the West Halls, and 2 in the South Halls), 1 each in the east and west Security Center, and 1 in the parking management area (in the East Halls).

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