How to use the Search button

Please refer to the following for "Search Button".

  1. 1.
    What you can and cannot search
    1. (1)
      Corporate Profile:
      You can search the following information Tokyo Big Sight Inc. (Corporate information), Tokyo Big Sight (Venue Information), Ariake Park Building, TFT building, TIME 24 Building
    2. (2)
      Tokyo Big Sight(Venue Information):
    3. (3)
      You cannot search events    
      Event Search
  2. 2.
    Choosing Search menu and keywords
    1. (1)
      Select menu to limit the search area
    2. (2)
      Submit the search word:
      When you submit more than one word, please put the space between the words.
  3. 3.
    Steps to search
    1. (1)

      Corporate Information Site:

    2. (2)

      Tokyo Big Sight (Venue Information):

    3. (3)

      Event Search:

      *Please search from the Event schedule

  4. 4.
    Search Results (Except for the event search)
    1. (1)

      If you do not select menu, all the pages including the search word would result.

    2. (2)

      When you submit a keyword, all the pages including the keyword would result.

    3. (3)

      Search Results image:
      Eg. Menu(Tokyo Big Sight)select, submit a keyword(Access)

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