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About Light ID communication technology

A technology that involves using a smartphone camera to read ID signals from digital signage, internally-lit signboards and other LED-based devices through the high-speed transmission of light, which serves as a signal, in order to display various information on the smartphone screen (requires a dedicated app to be downloaded on smartphone).
Unlike 2D code technology for reading and displaying information on smartphones, such as QR, this technology does not require focus adjustment, therefore data is read intuitively and swiftly by simply scanning the smartphone over the signage, achieving a relatively faster response speed and resistance to noise.
Tokyo Big Sight recognized the potential of Light ID communication technology at an early stage and is the first in the world to apply it permanently in the form of digital signage.

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TOKYO BIG SIGHT app for utilizing Light ID

The TOKYO BIG SIGHT app is needed to connect signage with your smartphone.
Please download the app before attending an event at the Tokyo Big Sight or TFT, Ariake Park.
(app can also be downloaded from the QR code located on each signage display panel on site)

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A list of smartphones supporting Light ID communication technology is available here (Developer's website)

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